Carpet International Sales LLC.

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At the heart of the home is our vision to be the global carpet company most admired for its people, its partners and its performance.

Our vision means that we:

  • We are a secure provider of household and commercial products vital to sustainable economic progress and human development around the world.
  • We are people and an organization with superior capabilities and commitments.

We are a partner of choice:

We win the admiration of all our stakeholders

  • investor
  • customers
  • host governments
  • local communities
  • our employees

not only for the objectives we achieve, but for the way we achieve them.

We offer world-class performance

This corporation of the textile sector and of North American origin shows a quite broad and detailed Vision, where they highlight what they want to be and how they want to be seen.


Surpass ourselves. Create contemporary luxury embodied in the art of exclusivity. Design the best spaces for the home, to experience unique sensations. Having teams of designers and teachers constantly studying to make the art of home decoration the best experience. Help our team use their full potential to create the best rugs with identity by praising those who use them. To continue producing high quality with the aim that our seal represents the highest of the textile production standards. The challenge is to constantly inspire we and innovate to create unique collections. Inspire magic and energy through our creations.


Sustain on two fundamental pillars: seriousness and honesty, based on a true commitment to responsibility as an ethical standard in all our actions.

      • High quality.
      • Prestige.
      • Excellence.
      • Corporate social responsibility.
      • Creativity and innovation.
      • Teamwork.
      • Identity.
      • Professionalism.
      • Passion: committed to the soul and mind.


Our work team is made up of the most qualified personnel.

International Operations Manager
Karina Leon

Seller Argentina
Marisol Altuve

Seller Chile
Angelica Santana

Seller Ecuador
Jenny Sanabria

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